Load Balancers

Enhancing traffic management in AWS – latest LoadMaster Firmware update is now available


Today, we are pleased to announce the availability of version of LoadMaster™ in the AWS marketplace. There are currently two product lines available in the marketplace – the KEMP flagship product, Virtual LoadMaster, and the new application management solution, KEMP 360 Central.

Available in the AWS Marketplace since 2014, the Virtual product line is available in 7 different SKUs to suit different customer’s throughput, SSL TPS requirements, and price requirements. These SKUs range from the Free LoadMaster, which provides up to 20 Mbps throughput, to the VLM-10G, which provides up to 10Gbps throughput and can handle up to 12K SSL TPS and 3 Million concurrent connections. All SKUs are available in either hourly or BYOL versions.

This release has been focused on security and includes the following new features:

To suggest or discuss new features, please visit our Feature Request community.

As with every release we increase our repertoire of Application Templates with the addition of the following new ones:

To suggest or share your workload configurations, please visit our Configuration Hub.

Test out the new release of LoadMaster™ in AWS Marketplace. We look forward to your feedback.

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