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Enhancing traffic management in AWS – latest LoadMaster Firmware update is now available


Today, we are pleased to announce the availability of version of LoadMaster™ in the AWS marketplace. There are currently two product lines available in the marketplace – the KEMP flagship product, Virtual LoadMaster, and the new application management solution, KEMP 360 Central.

Available in the AWS Marketplace since 2014, the Virtual product line is available in 7 different SKUs to suit different customer’s throughput, SSL TPS requirements, and price requirements. These SKUs range from the Free LoadMaster, which provides up to 20 Mbps throughput, to the VLM-10G, which provides up to 10Gbps throughput and can handle up to 12K SSL TPS and 3 Million concurrent connections. All SKUs are available in either hourly or BYOL versions.

This release has been focused on security and includes the following new features:

  • Security Mark-up Language (SAML)
  • Domain Name Servers Security Extensions (DNSSEC)
  • Edge Security Pack (ESP) enhancements including support for form-based authentication (Forefront TMG Replacement)

To suggest or discuss new features, please visit our Feature Request community.

As with every release we increase our repertoire of Application Templates with the addition of the following new ones:

  • DNS
  • TFTP
  • NGINX server
  • Aspera Server
  • Microsoft Print Server
  • Graylog server
  • Ellucian Luminis Portal

To suggest or share your workload configurations, please visit our Configuration Hub.

Test out the new release of LoadMaster™ in AWS Marketplace. We look forward to your feedback.

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