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KEMP Keeps Dell ProSupport in Balance


If you’ve spent any time managing strategic alliances, you know that nothing’s better than working with a partner who really appreciates your company. This is particularly gratifying when the partner is one of the world’s largest technology companies and even more so when the love comes from one of their highly qualified support professionals who really understands and values the fantastic solutions and service being provided to joint customers.

So when I first had the pleasure of meeting Louis Reeves, one of Dell’s Master ProSupport Engineers, earlier this year and heard the great things he had to say about KEMP, I thought he was simply being polite. However, this past summer, I hosted him as a guest on UPtime, KEMP’s monthly update for Dell employees, and was simply blown away by his appreciation and enthusiasm for our products and support. Now he’s done one better and shared his thoughts about KEMP in a post on Dell’s TechCenter.

Talk about the power of partnership – and it all starts with people.


louise2I didn’t just turn into a KEMP crazy person overnight. I mean, I literally was wowed by their support team.

Louis Reeves Dell Master ProSupport Engineer


KEMP Virtual LoadMaster is so simple to setup it feels like you didn’t finish something, you know, but it’s working, it’s actually up and working; you test it out and you’re like ‘it’s working’. It’s amazing.”

“I put that together [a KEMP Virtual LoadMaster in a Lync lab environment] in probably an hour and that KEMP reverse proxy stayed up for a year. And that is no lie; that is just at my house in a virtual machine on a T320 server.

“We called in and they [KEMP support] didn’t even ask for a support contract or anything. They basically, they helped us out and I think on the backend, you know, there’s, we want to make sure that they get a case for the right things, but they basically focused on helping us first and they did. They got in there and they fixed it and it was a twenty minute thing; they got in there, they could figure out the situation. They explained to us what we missed and from that point on, I’ve been a big advocate of KEMP.”

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