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Customer Stories – Helping Audi-Volkswagen Middle East Communicate


KEMP has success stories from all over the world about our customers and the benefits they’ve received from our products and services. As part of telling the story of KEMP we’ve decided to share some of those stories so you can read for yourself what people say about our products. Our latest story is from Dubai where Audi-Volkswagen middle east had some unified communications issues…

With over 80 staff spread across three sites Audi Volkswagen Middle East had congestion problems during peak times of the day on their Exchange email servers.

“Email communication is at the heart of everything we do, so it is vital that we don’t have interruptions to our new MS Exchange 2010 service or slow performance at busy times when we are sending and receiving the most emails,” said Shoeb Khan, IT Manager at Audi Volkswagen Middle East.

How KEMP helped

They’ve now installed Load Balancers at their offices in Dubai to ensure maximum network uptime for their Microsoft Exchange email users. The KEMP load balancers make sure that Audi Volkswagen Middle East email users are automatically connected to the best performing MS Exchange server and if one becomes inaccessible, the load balancer will automatically re-route users to other functioning servers.

“The KEMP LoadMaster gives us a fast and reliable user-experience all the time and we are now looking at using KEMP Load Balancers and ADC’s for our webservers and database servers.” continued Khan.

Load Balancing and SMEs

Another happy customer. Here is Thomas Kurz, Territory Manager DACH & ME at KEMP Technologies explaining why Audi-Volkswagen Middle East, and other similar sized organisations using Exchange are looking at KEMP Load Balancing solutions.

“The changes Microsoft made to its Exchange 2010 core server architecture, including the use of Exchange Client Access Server (CAS) to handle client connections, now make load balancing necessary for many businesses and organisations that rely on email and need to guarantee email availability.”

Not just for “Enterprise” anymore

He went on to say how load balancing isn’t just for the fortune 500 anymore. “Load balancing was considered only necessary for very large enterprises, but now companies of all sizes are looking for affordable load balancing solutions to ensure optimum performance from their servers and applications,” explained Kurz.

As the number one price/performance load balancer on the market KEMP is uniquely positioned to help SME customers and smaller business units with their IT performance and uptime issues.

Get in touch to learn more about KEMP Load Balancing Solutions.

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