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Controlling Multi-Vendor ADCs in your Environment

ADC Vendor Management

IT Infrastructure tends to grow organically over time. As a result, most application delivery platforms are comprised of hardware and software components from a range of suppliers. This is true for servers, storage solutions, networking equipment, cloud services, and also load balancers and application delivery controller (ADC) solutions.

There are advantages to having a diverse selection of hardware and software. A diverse IT infrastructure protects against an attack or virus disrupting all the systems at the same time. However, there are also disadvantages as it increases management and support complexity, with each product or solution coming with separate management tools.

A single pane of glass

Various approaches have been taken to reduce this management complexity. Cross-platform management tools, and adoption of scripting languages such as Microsoft PowerShell, have made it easier to automate the management of server systems and applications.

KEMP Technologies provide industry leading load balancer and ADC solutions, but we also realize that other load balancers are available. Many of our customers have legacy load balancer solutions for specific applications. It doesn’t make sense to replace these solutions while they are still delivering a service within the lifetime of a deployment.

Instead of recommending a rip and replace approach to make it easier to manage an ADC infrastructure, KEMP Technologies are unique in providing a cross-platform management solution that allows the management of ADCs from other vendors on a single management console alongside our LoadMaster products. This solution is KEMP 360 Central, which along with KEMP 360 Vision provides the core pillars of the KEMP 360 Application Delivery Fabric.

KEMP 360 Central is a multi-platform ADC management tool that delivers the following features:

  • Centralized Application Delivery Management for reduced administration effort with group management of application delivery controllers from a single interface.
  • Deploy, manage, and monitor ADC resources located:
    • on-premises (physical and virtual: Hyper-V, VMware, XEN)
    • on Cloud platforms (Azure, AWS)
    • in Hybrid Cloud
  • Full visibility of data and graphs for F5, AWS ELB, NGiNX, HAProxy and KEMP LoadMaster ADCs.
  • Real-time performance and capacity metrics help quickly identify and resolve capacity and performance issues.
  • ADC configuration management ensures consistent application of policies and configurations with reduced implementation errors.
  • Metered Licensing avoids over-provisioning of ADC resources to meet peak or anticipated demands.
  • Quickly deploy ADC instances to reduce time-to-market with agile deployment and enablement of DevOps processes.

The following features are planned for KEMP 360 Central:

  • Existing application delivery dashboard will improve error detection and resolution with real-time visibility of key application metrics and status.
  • Automation to script routine tasks and provision ADCs from stored templates allows for zero-touch provisioning.

KEMP 360 Central simplifies the deployment, management, and support of load balancer/ ADC infrastructure. Support staff don’t need to be experts in several different ADC solutions, rather they can use the KEMP 360 Central management console as a single pane of glass to support them all.

Selecting KEMP to deliver your application delivery fabric will give your organisation a modern, cost-effective, cross-platform, smart system that provides a better service to your users and makes your IT staff more productive. Visit our site for information, videos and demos on how KEMP 360 Central can help your organization.

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