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Challenging legacy cloud migration challenges – CIO event

CIO-Speech-by-KEMP-FounderGlobal Business Intelligence (GBI) organizes executive conferences for CIO and other C-Level decision makers to network and discuss how technology can be used to drive on demand digital business transformation. The next event in the GBI cycle of events takes place over two days in New York City on August 30th and 31st. The event will focus on ‘the digital enterprise’ and how technology can be used to gain competitive business advantages.

KEMP Technologies’ co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Peter Melerud, will deliver one of the event keynotes. Peter will address the following question: “Is your legacy application delivery infrastructure getting in the way of your cloud adoption strategy?” The talk will cover the challenges of migrating legacy enterprise applications to the cloud, and the reasons why only about 20% of applications have been moved to a cloud delivery model so far. The benefits provided by next generation application delivery and cloud focused consumption models will be reviewed in the light of helping organizations reduce costs and accelerate the migration of applications to cloud infrastructure, while mitigating risks associated with these type of projects.

Peter has over 20 years of experience in networking, product management and startup leadership and is looking forward to keynoting the CIO event on behalf of KEMP Technologies. “The CIO event is the ideal forum to build relationships, share information and interact with the world’s leading business minds”, said Peter. “Getting a chance to engage with leaders from business across such a diverse array of verticals provides a lot of value for me personally in driving my business forward as well. I’m thrilled to deliver the event’s keynote and share insights on how organizations can prepare to adopt a more efficient cloud strategy.”

More details and registration information for the New York City CIO event can be found at the GBI site here.

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