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Building Lovable Products – Key Highlights from MTPCON

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Here at KEMP we put a high value on investing in furthering the education and supporting the growth of our team. Our bet is simple: The more KEMP employees learn, the more successful KEMP and our customers will become. A few months ago, our Product Line Director, Jason Dover, asked me to attend the “Mind the Product” conference in San Francisco. There were many talks around a variety of topics related to the fine art of Product Management, but one narrative was echoed over and over: by focusing on the end-user you’ll learn how to make your product great. We couldn’t agree more, and are focusing our goals this year on enhancing our customer’s experience.

User focused product management is not easy, especially when your core product is technical in nature. Technical Product Managers often find themselves faced with a solution from their teammates and customers without a clear statement of what problem it’s there to fix. Coupled with excitement around new tools and processes, it can be difficult to tell the forest from the trees. By focusing on the problem in a conversation, we can ask questions and identify what value we’re ultimately providing by identifying the core problem we want to solve. If you’re interested in talking to us, send us a message on twitter @KEMPTech. We’d love to learn more about your thoughts.

We provide our customers many different avenues to provide us feedback. From our features request site to our Github, our eyes are focused on the problems our customers have while our minds are wondering how we can make our software and services better. We pride ourselves on providing great customer service as well. Our customer support team has a stellar record that we’re so proud of that we have a live integration showing their last 100 ratings.

Customer research is another important aspect of building a great product. By understanding how users are using our core product, identifying their key behavior, and getting a baseline of their usage frequency we can create metrics goaled to increase usage or change a behavior. This all comes down to creating a great user experience and driving our business goals alongside our users’ success.

We believe that we can differentiate ourselves by listening to feedback and learning about the challenges our users face on a day-to-day basis. Just like investing in our team with education, we’re ultimately going to solve hard problems with great solutions by learning.


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