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AWS Re-Invent 2016: Day 1


Last week was the 6th AWS re-invent. It was my first time attending, and I found it very informative. Unsolicited advice for other first-timers: arm yourselves with one of the many re-invent survival guides online and work out for at least a few weeks in advance (since there is a lot of running around). My top tip to maximize the event: use the app. You can schedule, plan, and book (or un-book) events based on time and location since there were a lot of great sessions available – and many at the same time.

Here are the highlights of the show:

  • 32k attendees (1st one had 6K), 400 technical sessions, 50K live streams, and 3 Key Note Addresses
  • The majority of Fortune 500 companies & 90% of Fortune 100 companies use AWS APN partner solutions and services
  • VMware are moving their Cloud practice into AWS in 2017
  • Financial institutions (including Fidelity & Capital One) and Healthcare (including but not limited to Philips HealthCare, Boston Healthcare & Johnson & Johnson) are moving Apps to the cloud
  • A really interesting number jumped out at me: 70% of workloads deployed in AWS are Microsoft workloads, while the remaining 30% include SAP, Oracle, WordPress, Moodle, and others
  • AWS Gov Cloud hosts important mission critical Government agencies (some even in a hybrid model)
  • Every day, AWS deploys new server capacity equivalent to the needs of the entire Amazon operations when it was an $8.5B company in 2005.
  • Amazon uses custom-made silicon for networking gear and the non-standard 25GbE, 2 of which provide more bandwidth and are less expensive than the industry-standard 40GbE
  • Going green: AWS is committed to renewable energy – Oregon region is powered completely by renewable energy, and is working towards 100% renewable energy powered cloud.
  • If you ever get hit by ransomware visit Nomoreransom.org
  • 14 New products announced
  • 7 Previewed Products
  • AWS declares these as its main areas of growth
    • Security
    • Monitoring
    • IoT
    • Containers and over time moving applications to Lambda Functions (serverless),
    • Machine Learning
    • Storage

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