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“Are You Ready For MS Exchange 2013?” Webinar with MSExchange.org gets 800+ signups

Yesterday (20th March 2013) we ran a fantastic live webinar along with MSExchange.org on getting ready for Exchange 2013. In a response we weren’t really expecting, over 800 people signed up for the Webinar, showing that the advent of Exchange 2013 is really on people’s minds.

The Question

It’s made us think a lot about you our customers and what’s important to you. It begs the question, given that Microsoft has recommended load balancing solutions to be deployed around Exchange 2010 and up. What are your plans around Exchange 2013? Are you thinking of staged upgrades or will you make the jump all the way to 2013? Are you on an earlier version like 2007 or even 2003? How is load balancing figuring into your thinking?

End of Lives for older Exchange Products

Exchange Server 2003 – April 8th, 2014
Exchange Server 2007 – Aptil 11th, 2017

The Webinar

breussesOn the day itself J. Peter Bruzzese, Microsoft Certified Trainer and CIO and CoFounder of ClipTraining took people through what’s new and where people might find issues.

In this complimentary 45 minute live webinar, people discovered

  • What do Exchange 2003, 2007 and 2010 users need to know?
  • Will upgrading to Exchange 2013 be similar to the Exchange 2010 upgrade?
  • What are the Exchange 2010 Active Directory Requirements?
  • Are software tools available to save time and simplify your upgrade?

See the slides from the presentation below and we’ll update this post with a link to the webinar itself as soon as it’s available.

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