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Kemp India Office Inauguration

Jaipur, India - 11 November, 2018: Awesome view of scenic gate on Tulsi Marg at Gangori Bazaar. Tourists and residents walking along the Old Pink City. Day traffic. Cars, motorbikes and auto rickshaws

The ancient Sanskrit language is one of the oldest surviving dialects dating back thousands of years. It’s not widely spoken nowadays but it survives in some Indian communities and it is used in Hindu philosophy and rituals. I got to hear it spoken first-hand recently.

There are many precious memories I have of business trips and visits to India spanning my near three decades in this industry. However, getting to spend the last three days with our India team and participating in the Kemp New Delhi office inauguration on Friday 28th Feb is way up there as one of them.

Last May and under new ownership via Mill Point Capital, one of the very first items we proposed to our new board was investing in an expansion of Kemp into India. It generated an immense sense of pride for George Lo and I to see the completion of that milestone as we officiated the ceremonial ribbon cutting. It took a huge effort by the entire team to get the office completed in time for our visit, and in particular, I know the team will want me to single out Gagan Tyagi, our Operations Manager who worked day and night for weeks to make this happen.

The team arranged a traditional ceremony which was performed by a Hindu priest who is well known to many of them. He joins the team each year for the Diwali festival to perform a ceremony marking that important holiday. The ceremony was about an hour in duration with the priest speaking in the ancient Sanskrit language.  He called on the Gods of knowledge (Saraswati), prosperity and good fortune (Lakshmi) to guide our way into a successful future. It was our privilege and honor to participate in this momentous ceremony and witness the local tradition.

During the few days in India we participated in detailed meetings with every Kemper, and we held our first New Delhi all-hands meeting. New Delhi now joins New York, Melville, Singapore, and Limerick as significant bases of operations for Kemp’s global business. The three-site R&D approach that combines Limerick, Melville and India will now be greatly enhanced with all three locations under one Kemp roof. The similar mindset and deeper integration of teams will create improved team spirit and collaboration globally, and the new structure promises greater career paths for individuals and increased contributions to our intellectual property development efforts.

By the end of 2020 I expect we will have Kempers based at the New Delhi site across R&D, Support, G&A, Sales, and Sales Operations. Our newly installed General Manager, Deepak Kumar, is already ramping up on recruitment and onboarding, and now that the office is open for business, we all want to wish Deepak, Ritesh and the entire Kemp India team members the best of knowledge, prosperity and good fortune for this exciting chapter in Kemp history. Having the Gods on our side is a great way to start!

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