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Application-Centric Performance Delivery Key to Persistent Visibility, Availability

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As you know we pride ourselves on having some of the smartest people in the industry at KEMP. Here KEMP Technologies, CMO, Atchison Frazer gives his views on application performance in an increasing virtualised IT environment.

As website-based e-commerce shifts to an API-dependent digital economy, in which every business becomes a technology company with specialized industry expertise, new application demand will drive the need for virtualized application-centric performance delivery controllers (ADCs) that dynamically determine minimum latency and service level standards.

Business-critical applications like ERP, CRM and security are changing in significant ways. Applications designed for the mobile-cloud era are driving a proliferation of APIs across technology domains and cloud-hybrid platforms. These trends include the Internet-of-Things ubiquitous connectivity, server and application virtualization, cloud-enabled SaaS, client mobile-BYOD and the emerging trend of line-of-business app deployments, all placing unpredictable bursts of bandwidth consumption on network infrastructure.

The conventional approach to addressing this problem has been for a business user to make a requisition request to IT for high availability, network-centric hardware (two paired devices, one for failover, and another two devices for maintenance sparing) that typically must be shared by other business app users, in order to justify the acquisition, deployment, maintenance and operational costs.

However, line-of-business users place more value upon application-centric performance solutions that increase availability, dramatically reduce time to services provisioning and time to revenue for their business-critical applications (days to seconds) with real-time deployment capability, no degradation of performance, and application delivery-on-demand scaling capabilities, that lead to more predictable application spending that is perfectly aligned and elastic to business-user activity. Enter the cloud-ready, cross platform-capable virtual application performance delivery solution.

A virtual application performance delivery solution creates an application-aware, on-demand delivery implementation model that features deep visibility into application behavioral performance factors, on an application-by-application basis, and ensures persistent availability.

Given that a virtual application control point offers greater visibility into performance attributes of specific applications, security and risk management officers, for example, are now able to maintain proper governance over policies for compliance purposes, while allowing for a self-service IT model providing on-demand application provisioning and scalability based on business-user defined values.

The virtual application performance delivery solution also eliminates the need to requisition legacy, external load-balancer devices allowing for an elegant and fast deployment scenario that automates implementation of business services, greatly simplifying application deployments.

With data visibility of actual application performance factors, network-related application suitability can be more readily defined instantly across data center networks, and thus the virtual application performance delivery solution acts as a bridge between optimal application provisioning and resource allocation of virtual network functionality, especially as networks transition from client/server to cloud hybrid infrastructures.


atchison-frazerAtchison Frazer, CMO, KEMP Technologies

Atchison brings to KEMP, over 20 years experience in technology marketing for both global IT leaders like Cisco and HP, as well as disruptive market-maker start-ups like Gnodal (now part of Cray) and Fortinet.

At Cisco, Atchison was responsible for marketing and communications, services strategy and sales enablement to support Cisco’s global enterprise theatre and enterprise transformation market segments. Atchison also served as the enterprise marketing lead for network optimization, security services, professional advisory services, solutions architecture, emerging technologies, and acquisition integration.

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