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Announcing a simple, easy migration solution for CISCO ACE Users


In 2010, Cisco announced the end-of-life for it’s ACE (Application Control Engine), CSS and LocalDirector products. While ACE, CSS and LocalDirector have served the needs of many enterprise customers throughout the years, Cisco has ceased development of these technologies and announced bringing them to end of sale.

When this was originally announced, KEMP launched their Cisco IVT certified ADC solution for Cisco UCS x86 server platforms. To help make evaluation and transition as easy as possible, we have developed a new ADC migration tool designed to assist with the migration process has been developed. The Beta version of this tool analyzes the
configuration file of a Cisco ACE and translates it into a format compatible with KEMP LoadMaster. This configuration can then be implemented on an evaluation or production LoadMaster via API or backup import to map the settings to published virtual services. This is supported across bare metal LoadMaster on Cisco UCS as well as virtual, hardware and cloud form factors.

“As a Cisco Developer Network (CDN) partner, KEMP is committed to supporting joint customers with approved solutions such as LoadMaster for Cisco UCS,” said Peter Melerud our Chief Marketing Officer, “Migrations of application infrastructure elements as critical to performance as load balancing can be technically challenging and disruptive to the business. KEMP”s development of technologies targeted at assisting Cisco ACE customers on their journey along with a comprehensive set of professional services helps to reduce these challenges.”

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