Load Balancers

Amazon VPC Connectivity with KEMP LoadMaster

KEMP Load Balancer for AWS (Amazon Web Services) VPC Connectivity diagramAs the endpoint in an on-premises deployment, LoadMaster can connect securely to an AWS Virtual Private Gateway. This provides a seamless extension of the on-premises network via a public IP out into the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

Such an arrangement can yield a number of advantages which can simplify operations and help reduce cost.

By providing access to the many PaaS offering in AWS, customers can enjoy a usage based model for those services, for example, Visual Studio, without the overhead of maintaining the infrastructure and managing the applications if they were on-prem. Content Switching capabilities in LoadMaster can further simplify and enhance the user experience when accessing network based services.

Also, given access to EC2 instances in the cloud, LoadMaster can load balance applications spanning on-premises and cloud, which is advantageous when it is necessary to add capacity quickly without having to provision additional HW in the data center. And in addition to this form of cloudbursting, this technique can also help when migrating applications to the cloud or relocating workloads when performing maintenance on local servers.

Adding to the security afforded by the VPN tunnel itself, LoadMaster also offers multifactor authentication (MFA)and SSO services to ensure appropriate access is granted to applications whether they reside locally of in AWS.

While there are many point solutions for VPN, user access control and Layer 7 services, LoadMaster’s tight integration of features and ease of management provide a solution which is both simple to manage and cost-effective to deploy.

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