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6 Reasons Private Clouds Fail, and How to Succeed

A road map to a successful private cloud implementation

KEmp-Gartner-1Many private cloud implementations are failing to deliver on the expectations of users and IT staff. Gartner analyst, Thomas J. Bittman discusses six primary reasons that private cloud projects fail and how to avoid these problems in your own implementation:

  1. Focusing on the wrong benefits
  2. Defending I&O – and doing too much
  3. Doing too little
  4. Failure to change the operational model
  5. Failure to change the funding model
  6. Using the wrong techniques

Roadmap Contents

  • Key findings from 6 successful and not so successful private cloud projects
  • Analysis & Recommendations
  • Ford goes virtual with the help of KEMP Technologies
  • From the Gartner Files: Mainstream Organisations Should Prepare for SDN Now

Download the Gartner and KEMP Technologies roadmap here

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