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4 Things Not to Forget About Uptime When It Comes To Your Networks

4 Things You Need to Know About Uptime When It Comes to Your NetworkIf you happen to be the person at your company who is in charge of network performance, you already know how important uptime is when it comes to productivity. Not only is uptime vital to your internal employees who need to access email and other business applications 24/7, but uptime performance is also a critical factor to your external customers who depend on your products and solutions as well.

Here are four simple things you need to know about uptime when it comes to your network:

1. Network uptime is a team sport

Think of uptime as a team sport. If you are responsible for your network, then you are the manager. Your job is to assemble the best “players” for your team, which are hardware and software solutions that provide optimized network performance.

2. Your network is like jigsaw puzzle

There are many components or “pieces” that go into a highly available network. You need to fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current network in order to find the right pieces to plug into the overall network puzzle. For example, do you need a load balancer to increase uptime? Do you need more than one? What is the most cost effective solution for your network infrastructure?

3. You need to consider the shelf life of your solution

When assembling the pieces of your network puzzle, remember that each piece you choose to install has a shelf life, dictated by things such as:

4. High availability is key

If you are adding a load balancer to your overall network infrastructure, make sure to deploy it in HA/High Availability mode.

Basically, by doing an exhaustive inventory and analysis of your current network infrastructure, you will have the knowledge necessary to plan which components you need to add in order to achieve 100% uptime. Then you, as the “team manager” can simply sit back and focus on having a winning season.

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