Load Balancing Progress Sitefinity

Availability, Security and Performance for Web Content Management System

Progress Sitefinity© is an award-winning Web Content Management System empowering teams to independently create and manage content that delivers engaging digital experiences. The Kemp LoadMaster plays an integral role delivering the seamless scalability, availability and security to complete the Sitefinity solution.


Web Application Firewall, IPS and Zero Trust capabilities on LoadMaster secure Sitefinity deployments.


Advanced health checking ensure web requests are distributed across health Sitefinity nodes.


Global Server Load Balancing provide automatic failover of web traffic to an alternate site in the event of outages.

High Availability and Site Resilience for Content Management Systems


Kemp LoadMaster delivers increased reliability by removing single points of failure both within a single data center or across multiple data centers or clouds.

Increase performance by offloading unnecessary SSL/ TLS overhead from the Sitefinity nodes and place the burden on the LoadMaster which is optimized to handle the encrypted traffic.

Load Balancing Sitefinity CMS with LoadMaster

LoadMaster’s built-in optimization and security capabilities combined with Sitefinity’s intuitive and extensible platform deliver a content management solution that exceed customers expectations. In addition, intelligent GLSB functionality enables efficient handling of secure file transfer across data centers and public clouds eliminating downtime and maximizing availability.

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Load Balancing Progress Sitefinity

LoadMaster’s advanced health checking will ensure the Sitefinity servers are available and ready to accept connections from the target audience.

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