Top 16 KEMP Blog Posts of 2016

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top 16 blog posts

Top 16 of 2016

With 2016 behind us, we’ve collected the most popular KEMP blog posts of 2016 in one place so that you can take another look and prepare for the new year.

  • Application Centric DDOS Protection
    • Deploying KEMP LoadMaster to provide load balancer and application delivery functionality on your network means you also have access to functionality that can help mitigate DDoS attacks.
  • Azure Application Deployment and URL Rewrite – (blogpost removed)
    • KEMP Technologies’ customer Roody Dennis, Director of QA & Operations at Unigo, joined us to discuss how he’s using KEMP Virtual LoadMaster (VLM) for Azure to support Unigo’s customer-facing web infrastructure.
  • DirectAccess Load Balancing in the Cloud (blogpost removed)
    • As organizations migrate on-premises server workloads to public cloud-hosted infrastructure, providing secure remote access to data and applications hosted there is an important consideration.
  • DNS, Load Balancing and DDOS attacks
    • No organization is immune from DDoS assaults. As attacks become more sophisticated we can expect that the methods to protect against them will need to continue to evolve as well.
  • DROWN Attack; How to stay afloat while all those around you are drowning (blogpost removed)
    • This blog post highlights our security posture around DROWN specifically and to give some insight on how we address security events when they occur.
  • Exchange Client Network Bandwidth Calculator
    • The Exchange Client Network Bandwidth Calculator helps Exchange engineers and architects to calculate bandwidth requirements for their specific set of clients when planning an Exchange Server deployment.
  • KEMP Partner Spotlight on Azure Networking Fridays (blogpost removed)
    • KEMP 360 provides a simpler and more cost effective approach to migration of legacy applications from traditional on-premises deployments to either public or hybrid cloud deployments, including Microsoft’s highly anticipated Azure Stack
  • Benefits of KEMP LoadMaster for your Azure deployments (blogpost removed)
    • KEMP’s LoadMaster is an advanced, integrated Application Delivery Controller which offers many ways to optimize and secure cloud based workloads with features including:
  • Load Balancing DirectAccess with the KEMP Loadmaster Load Balancer
    • DirectAccess provides seamless and transparent, always on secure remote access for managed Windows clients.
  • LoadMaster is Certified as a Load Balancer and Reverse Proxy for Skype for Business (blogpost removed)
    • Aside from Microsoft’s own reverse proxy solution, we are currently one of only two vendors listed as both a LoadBalancer and a Reverse Proxy solution.
  • Microsoft Azure Stack: A first look with KEMP (blogpost removed)
    • Earlier this year, Microsoft announced Azure Stack – essentially an “Azure-in-a-box” platform – that customers, hosting and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) can deploy in their own datacenters.
  • Migrating DirectAccess from NLB to KEMP LoadMaster Load Balancers
    • Enabling load balancing for the DirectAccess workload is crucial to eliminating single points of failure.
  • Moving SharePoint Web Applications to Azure (blogpost removed)
    • When you are moving any workload to the cloud, there are always obvious questions: “What will the configuration look like in the cloud compared to on-premises?“
  • New Cloud Models Need New Security Thinking (blogpost removed)
    • Migrating applications from data centers to IaaS providers, IT organizations will need to rethink how their teams and tools can offer a secure and efficient environment where teams can thrive.
  • On-premises, Cloud & Hybrid: The State of Cloud (blogpost removed)
    • In this webinar, we discuss the trend, the importance of hybrid deployments, and how KEMP is leading the hybrid deployments with its cloud enabled LoadMaster family of products.
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