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New Functionality Introduced for the KEMP Edge Security Pack (TMG Replacement)

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Jason Dover, Global Product Marketing Manager for KEMP Technologies

Since its debut, the KEMP Edge Security Pack (ESP) provided a viable migration path for users of Microsoft’s Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) which came to End of Sale in December 2012. ESP enabled organizations to securely publish applications to the web, provide improved user experience and mitigate security risks, particularly where Microsoft workloads were deployed. To provide additional value to customer deployments, KEMP’s Product team has introduced several additional features in the KEMP Edge Security Pack with the latest firmware release version 7.0-14a.

Key New Features

Dual-factor authentication w/RSA SecurID

Integration with RSA SecurID allows ESP-protected workloads to comply with organizational requirements of dual-factor authentication for internet-facing services and provides enhanced security for published applications.

Official support for additional application workloads

While although commonly used for many applications, the first iteration of ESP was optimized primarily for Microsoft Exchange. This same level of application-specific optimization has now been extended to include:

Soft Lockout

Failed login attempt handling can be configured to block user access to ESP-protected application services after a defined number of failed login attempts. The list of blocked users can be manually edited by a LoadMaster system administrator or configured to unblock user lockout after a set interval.

RADIUS Authentication Support

RADIUS authentication has been widely adopted and is used extensively in enterprise application environments. When enabled, a RADIUS authentication provider must verify user credentials and other attributes based on configured policies prior to allowing access to ESP-protected application services.

Fully Customizable FBA Forms

Building on the previous capabilities to create custom messages and support for company logos and images in published forms, ESP now enables fully customizable and branded forms for applications leveraging ESP forms based authentication. This enhancement makes possible organizational standardization of all application portals with a single unified look and feel.

Group Membership Validation

Access to ESP-protected virtual services can now be restricted to users based on group membership providing additional control around identity verification prior to allowing access to published applications.

These enhancements demonstrate KEMP’s continued commitment to serve as a key enabler to the overall security strategy of our customers and provide tangible value for Microsoft application environments.

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