LoadMaster for Oracle E-Business Suite


As a critical element of corporate operations, Oracle E-Business suite must be delivered as a resilient service capable of handling dynamic workloads, available even with platform outages. The Oracle hardware and software stack provides the clustering and replication capability required to meet this business requirement and is further enhanced with the use of LoadMaster to offload workloads from the servers and to intelligently allocate resources to client requests.

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LoadMaster offers a number of benefits in an Oracle E-business environment whether deployed as a hardware appliance, as a virtual appliance on Oracle VM Server for x86 or as a bare-metal install on an Oracle Sun x-86 server.
Loadmaster can offload the SSL processing overhead from the server infrastructure and centralize the management of SSL certificates and key material. This simplifies server management while also significantly increasing security performance where dedicated SSL offload hardware is used.

When using LoadMaster to balance traffic across servers, there is awareness of the health and capacity of each host in an E-Business cluster which leads to better distribution of workloads. LoadMaster can also direct traffic based on the URL of a request allowing workload specific forwarding.


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