How to Get LoadMaster for VMware vCloud Air

VMware vCloud Air

  1. Visit our download page
  2. Within the Select the hypervisor platform section, select the option for VMware ESX/ESXi and vSphere.
  3. Read the end user agreement.
  4. Click the Agree button.
  5. The ovf zip file download will begin.
  6. Unzip the contents of the file to an accessible location.
  7. Login to vCloud Air and launch vCloud Director.
  8. Select the Catalogs tab and create a new catalog if required.
  9. Select vApp Templates and upload the VLM OVF to the appropriate catalog.
  10. In the vCloud Air web console, select the Virtual Machines tab and click AddVirtual Machine. Choose the appropriate resource pool and click Continue.
  11. Select the My Catalog tab.
  12. Select the VLM template uploaded previously and click Continue.
  13. Provide a name for the VLM.
  14. Allocate compute, memory and storage resources.
  15. Configure the network assignment.
  16. Click Deploy This Virtual Machine.
  17. Select the Virtual Machines tab of the vCloud Air web console.
  18. Retrieve the IP address of the VLM by opening the console where the IP address will be displayed or select the Virtual Machine and select the Networks tab to view the IP address.

Lernen Sie den Kemp LoadMaster noch heute kennen.

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