Cloud Load Balancing

A Match Made in the Heavenly Cloud: Kemp's GEO LoadMaster and the Hybrid Cloud

Welcome to the hybrid cloud, where applications are hosted both internally and externally by public cloud providers. Hybrid cloud computing requires global load balancers for intelligent traffic direction. When traffic is running at normal levels, global (geographic) load balancers direct traffic to dedicated optimized application servers. When traffic spikes, a GEO load balancer will direct spillover to servers on the public cloud.

The Kemp GEO LoadMaster enables IT managers to:

  • Direct web facing traffic to the closest and fastest performing data center.
  • Rapidly redirect traffic from a data center suffering from an outage to an available server.
  • Program the LoadMaster to deal with sophisticated DOS (Denial Of Service) attacks.
  • Apply logic algorithms to direct traffic from in-house servers to the public cloud according to specific KPIs.
  • Focus on geographic load balancing.

For more information about the how the GEO LoadMaster can improve your IT infrastructure, please contact us today!

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