Additional Information

All Kemp product purchases must be accompanied by a relevant Support Subscription plan which may come at an additional cost, for more information see our Support Subscription page.

All stated LoadMaster performance specifications are based on maximum licensed values.

Virtual LoadMaster performance metrics are based on testing with 2 vCPU and 2 GB of memory. Layer 4 concurrent connections will scale linearly with additional allocated memory.

Any listed prices are provided for guidance and are subject to change without notice. Call Kemp or your authorized partner for a detailed quote. Prices vary by country and exclude local taxes, duties and transportation charges. Please contact your local Kemp office or authorized distributor for further pricing information specific to your country. All LoadMasters must be licensed prior to use in the country where they were purchased and are subject to local licensing and trade regulations.

Hourly subscription plans on Azure and AWS include new features and software updates, unlimited 24x7 Customer Support, Edge Security Pack (ESP), Authorization, Authentication & Single Sign On, Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Geographic Server Load Balancing (GSLB) with updated reputation data daily. Bring Your Own License (BYOL) LoadMaster instances require a subscription plan to access software updates and support services. All cloud pricing excludes underlying cloud platform resource usage charges. Hourly pricing for LoadMaster on AWS and Azure platforms may be billed in your local currency by the cloud provider.

All LoadMaster models are FIPS 140-2 Level 1 (Certificate #3736) and Common Criteria (CCEVS-VR-VID11280-2023) Certified.

For Virtual LoadMaster (VLM-MAX) and LoadMaster for Bare Metal (LMB-MAX) models the performance achieved for Throughput and SSL is dependent on the allocated system resources.

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