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I’m excited to share that Progress (NASDAQ: PRGS) today announced that it will acquire Kemp, bringing our LoadMaster ADC and Flowmon network visibility products into its extensive and complementary product portfolio. This is an important next chapter for us, as we will be joining a company with a strong reputation and a product portfolio that will benefit our customers and enable the creation of new, innovative value propositions.

Why I’m Excited

Since I initially joined Kemp, I set and maintained an agenda that centered around great people, great product, putting our customers first and establishing processes to support repeatable success. The team that I built equally has passion for and skills across these key dimensions. During my recent work with the Progress team, it’s become unmistakably clear that both of our organizations share a similar philosophy. Company acquisitions are only successful when there are shared values and cultural compatibility. Like Kemp, Progress embodies a customer-first approach, consistently delivers world-class products, and fosters an environment that enables passionate and invested people to thrive and create value. I’m fully confident that our becoming a part of the Progress family will provide valuable growth opportunities for our teams and support for our customers with extended solutions that helps them solve busines challenges and maintain a competitive edge.

Shared Experience-Focused Vision

Application Experience is about enabling customers to deliver applications and services to end users that are highly available and secure with optimized performance.  At the heart of Kemp’s approach for making this possible is our LoadMaster and Flowmon product lines. These solutions help customers to control client experience when accessing critical business applications and enables operations teams to get ahead of developing issues before they have an impact. Progress has a mission to be the trusted provider of the best products to develop, deploy and manage high-impact business applications. This is made possible through a rich product portfolio that enables customers to deliver better digital experiences powered by apps, data and content. We’re excited to work together and create new bridges for our customers between digital experience and application experience.

Bright Future Ahead

Progress has an innovative strategy for company growth and expansion of customer value over the next 5 years and we’re excited about the opportunity to join the team and be a part of the journey. Like Kemp, Progress has demonstrated a consistent commitment to go above and beyond for customers – for over the past four decades! Progress also has a commitment to channel partners, recognizing the value that this community has and will continue to play in future efforts. We look forward to further expanding our own channel reach into new markets by leveraging the global footprint that the team has established over the years. I’m confident that joining the Progress family will enable us to continue delivering on our vision of enabling customers to deliver the best Application Experience.

We are excited to share more about what we’ll be working on together in the coming months. The possibilities are boundless, and this is only the beginning…

Stay tuned!

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