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Minimize Mail Downtime

Let’s face it. Lots of people don’t like email. Rather, I should say that most people don’t like their email because it is the default bearer of bad news in their daily work. Despite this reputation, email remains the lifeblood of many organizations and a conduit for most of the business done in the modern world. A recent survey reported that the average American spends up to 3.2 hours a day working through their mails. If you are responsible for your company’s email services, you know that people realize how much they need their mail when it is no longer available. This is one area where downtime is immediately visible to end-users across the organization, affecting the bottom line and day-to-day business instantaneously. As an Application Delivery Manager, email is one of many services and applications that you are responsible for. Your priority is to minimize this downtime and reduce the associated costs as much as possible.  

Remedy before Outage

However, you may currently only know about issues when users report them or your current monitoring solutions may only allow you to detect critical issues after they cause failures. This means that detection comes at the cost of the downtime that makes such a failure visible. Application specific monitoring tools may help expose issues, however when managing multiple applications it can be difficult to distinguish the noise from the key information particularly where a Load Balanced Application is made up of a number of Application Servers. The ideal monitoring solution would be more holistic and all encompassing, monitoring the entire application layer across all servers. Kemp 360 Vision offers just such a service.  

Kemp 360 Vision does not just monitor LoadMaster Metrics, rather it takes a holistic view of a metrics across both the Load Balancer and the Application Servers over time and uses this insight to identify the issue and help you remedy the problem before your email server collapses. In this way, Kemp 360 Vision enables proactive monitoring of your application experience across a complex network in a way that builds seamlessly into your daily workload.  

Kemp 360 Vision Proactive alerts

For example, as the Application Delivery Manager for your company, you may want to perform some routine clean up on your Microsoft Exchange server with some scripts. After you run the script, Kemp 360 Vision alerts you to high memory usage on the server. The communication from Kemp recommends that you check the server resources and look for reasons for the increased load. You realise that the scripts are causing the issue and you roll back and decide to schedule this maintenance for weekends. Kemp 360 Vision has alerted you and helped you to resolve an issue that you did not know you had before it becomes critical.

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