Pay-As-You-Go Load Balancing for VMware Cloud on AWS

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VMware virtualization solutions provide the foundation for many of the applications and systems at the core of the modern business. The advent of VMware Cloud™ on AWS has allowed many of these deployments to be expanded out into the public cloud. Uptake of VMware Cloud on AWS has been rapid, and this has brought benefits to the businesses using it. For Amazon, it drives AWS usage, and for VMware, it extends their reach from the data center into the public cloud.

VMware Cloud on AWS allows the migration and extension of on-premises vSphere®-based environments to AWS Cloud running on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud infrastructure. This creates hybrid vSphere-based infrastructure deployments that facilitate the use of the on-demand resources provided by AWS and all the benefits those provide.

Kemp LoadMaster for VMware Cloud on AWS

LoadMaster for VMware Cloud on AWS is an advanced L4-7 content switching load balancer. It enables high availability and performance gains for applications and also provides the other core functionality found in LoadMaster across all platforms. It is a more advanced load balancer than the native ones available on AWS.

Kemp Metered Licensing Simplifies the Cloud

The elastic nature of AWS public cloud resources is a benefit, but it also introduces issues with planning and licensing. It’s so easy to add more servers and capacity as needed, but it can prove challenging to estimate and budget in advance for costing purposes.

Kemp Metered Licensing solves this issue by providing enterprises and service providers with a flexible way to license LoadMaster application delivery resources. It meets the demands for flexible application capacity and the requirements in cloud environments for multiple load balancer instances.

Metered Licensing is a monthly, in-arrears defined capacity license for virtual LoadMaster. The peak throughput of each LoadMaster load balancer instance during the month is used for metering. All these individual peaks are totaled to give the overall monthly usage for billing. A 95th percentile sampling model is used, and spikes above this are not included for usage and costing purposes. So unexpected outlier peaks won’t result in unforeseen costs.

By using this model, an organization can subscribe to a defined monthly capacity. This can then be distributed across unlimited on-demand load balancer instances deployed between AWS, other cloud services, and on-premises environments.

Metered Licensing is a subscription service and allows organizations to pay-as-you-grow with an application delivery infrastructure that is flexible, cost-effective, scalable and always right-sized. The latter means that there is no limit to the number of virtual LoadMaster instances that can be used. Individual instances are not billed, but rather the combined monthly throughput across all instances. This means that the deployment of load balancers can be very granular with individually tailored LoadMaster instances for each application if that is appropriate. Risks inherent in detailed upfront planning and costing are avoided.


Kemp Metered Licensing makes it simple to scale and right-size an application experience load balancing infrastructure as part of a VMware Cloud on AWS deployment. Contact Kemp to discuss further.

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