Nutanix and Kemp enable powerful multi-cloud architecture

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Kemp is committed to providing the best application experience while at the same time fully embracing the multi-cloud , multi-vendor, and hybrid IT infrastructure that most organizations use.

To deliver on this vision, we support our award-winning LoadMaster ADC across several platforms including on-premise data center deployments and multiple cloud infrastructure providers. In addition to this, our Kemp 360 solution allows organizations to deploy and manage LoadMaster, and third-party ADCs, centrally via a single pane of glass. This simplifies the overhead and knowledge required to maintain an application delivery network infrastructure.

Our Kemp 360 solution which includes LoadMaster is made available on new enterprise platforms as soon as possible. To further this vision, Kemp fully support the use of Kemp 360 and LoadMaster on the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud.

Nutanix Solutions

Gartner and Forrester see Nutanix as the leader among the new wave of hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) providers. HCI takes the trend towards virtualization to the next level and combines x86-based server and storage resources into a single software-defined entity via intelligent software abstraction.

This allows the whole infrastructure stack that is delivering applications to be deployed, managed, and updated together. Nutanix solutions allow for abstraction of infrastructure at a higher level than before. This means that the hypervisor in use, the storage provision, the cloud software stacks in use, and also the cloud and data center providers in use can all be abstracted into a software-defined component and managed together as a single entity.

This hyper-abstraction is perfect for the multi-cloud and full-stack application delivery models that have emerged. Hyper-converged infrastructure that is delivering applications to organizations can be provisioned, moved, updated, and consumed across multiple public clouds, private clouds and private datacenter locations, and managed as a combined and agile application delivery network.

Kemp and Nutanix

Nutanix solutions provide software abstraction infrastructure components such as hypervisors, storage, and development stacks and are excellent for decoupling applications from specific server and cloud development stacks. Intelligent application delivery and load balancing across cloud providers, development stacks, and locations is not included in the core Nutanix platform. Applications running on the Nutanix solutions still need application delivery control and load balancing, and Kemp solutions provide this functionality. The Kemp Virtual LoadMaster has been tested and credited by Nutanix and is the ideal solution to fit in with Nutanix solutions to provide advanced application delivery control across multi-cloud deployments.

The full range of Kemp LoadMaster and Kemp 360 Central features are available on Nutanix. This means that deployments on the platform can use all of the features that Kemp customers rely on, including metered licensing, security via our comprehensive Web Application Firewall (WAF), and integrated Access Control & Authentication.

Benefits of Kemp for Nutanix Multi-Cloud deployments

The benefits provided to organizations using Kemp solutions on Nutanix multi-cloud deployments are the same as the benefits already enjoyed via Kemp solutions on other platforms. Kemp’s offering on Nutanix is complete and has feature parity with other Kemp platform solutions. The benefits include:

  • Elastic scaling – the number of ADC instances in use can be flexed up and down in real time as required based on network load.
  • Metered licensing – specific ADC instances do not need to be individually licensed or sized in advance. Costs are metered and billed monthly based on traffic throughput.
  • Intelligent content switching and routing – load balancing of network traffic based on many different algorithms to provide a resilient and adaptive application infrastructure.
  • Health checking – application server monitoring and health checking with alerting and intelligent load balancing to prevent overload or service outages.
  • Security – application and network layer packet inspection to identify suspicious traffic with IP blacklisting to prevent attacks from compromised domains and network nodes.
  • TLS Offloading – LoadMaster can take over TLS certificate encryption to offload this resource intensive task from application servers. SSL is also supported, but TLS is recommended.
  • A comprehensive Web Application Firewall with daily rule update is available for deployment on LoadMaster instances. Some of the features this provides are:
    • Kemp Access Control & Authentication
    • End Point Authentication for Pre-Auth
    • Persistent Logging and Reporting
    • Single Sign-On across Virtual Services
    • Active Directory Integration
    • RADIUS Authentication Support
    • Fully Customizable login/logout forms
    • Soft Lockout
    • Group Membership Validation
    • Dual factor auth with RSA SecurID support
  • Centralized cross site and cross platform management via Kemp 360 Central.
  • Hybrid management of ADC infrastructure across multiple cloud providers including AWS and Azure.
  • Management of Kemp, F5, AWS ELB, HAProxy, and Nginx ADC instances via single pane of glass, Kemp 360
  • Real time performance and capacity metric reporting and alerting across the whole ADC infrastructure.
  • Scriptable ADC instance deployments that can be incorporated into current DevOps workflows via PowerShell and RESTful APIs.

Kemp delivers the agility, analytics, and automation that modern application delivery infrastructure requires to accommodate flexible, ever-changing, mobile-based users around the globe. Kemp application delivery solutions now supporting Nutanix further enables IT teams to build and operate powerful multi-cloud architectures. We look forward to working with many such teams to help them on their journey to the cloud.

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