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Experience the KEMP Advantage – Riverbed SteelApp Replacement Program


KEMP Technologies’ award-winning LoadMaster range of Load Balancers & Application Delivery Controllers, enhance the resilience and performance of any network in which they are deployed. We believe more organizations should experience the KEMP advantage. To this end, we are excited to offer Riverbed SteelApp and Stingray users a Trade-up Program to make it easier to switch to a KEMP LoadMaster.

Riverbed’s SteelApp business unit was recently acquired by Brocade, with the announcement that SteeApp products are to be supported by both Riverbed and Brocade jointly for three to six months after the completion of this acquisition. Subsequently, Brocade will incorporate the SteelApp range into their roadmap and product portfolio. This makes for a period of uncertainty for current SteelApp . after the sale of Zeus Technology to Riverbed. Managing the application delivery strategy becomes difficult when there is uncertainty about the roadmap and support of important components such as load balancers.

As our product range of Application Delivery Controllers is aimed at the same audience who use Riverbed’s SteelApp and Stingray products, we want to make it easier for IT executives to compare and migrate selected SteelApp or Stingray products to KEMP’s LoadMaster and avail of up to $20,000 in credit when a Riverbed product is replaced, on a like-for-like basis, with a KEMP VLM LoadMaster.

This offer requires the purchase of a 3-year support agreement. (With an entry-level basic support agreement the 1st year is free, so customers will only need to purchase 2 years of support.) An overview of the Trade-up Program, with a list of all the Riverbed and Zeus products eligible for the offer, is available on the KEMP website. A document available from the Trade-up Program site details the offer. This document includes a table that lists the SteelApp and Stingray products covered and the equivalent eligible LoadMaster products they can be replaced with on a like-for-like basis:

Riverbed products LoadMaster Equivalent
SteelApp or Stingray Traffic Manager STM-1000-L KEMP VLM-200
SteelApp or Stingray Traffic Manager STM-1000-M, STM-1000-H, STM-1000-H1, STM-2000-L, or STM-2000-M KEMP VLM-2000
SteelApp or Stingray Traffic Manager STM-4000-L (Max 5Gbps, 10K SSL) KEMP VLM-5000
SteelApp or Stingray Traffic Manager STM-4000-L (Max 10Gbps, 12K SSL) KEMP VLM-10G


KEMP Technologies is focused on delivering the best Load Balancer and Application Delivery Controller solutions for the global networking community. Load balancers are what we do. Every day we deliver the best performance, features and support to make sure that LoadMaster is the best choice for an organizations’ load balancing needs. We look forward to welcoming current Riverbed users to the LoadMaster family. Experience the KEMP Advantage today.


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