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Our load balancer, Kemp Loadmaster, and our monitoring & management platform, Kemp 360 Central, provide market-leading tools to help organizations deliver the best application experience to their staff and customers. At Kemp we always strive to make the implementation and management of our tools easier. A significant part of this is the provision of automation tools to streamline the deployment process, and to fully integrate into DevOps workflows.

Automation Goals

The goals for our automation tools can be summarized as follows:

  • Reduce implementation times
  • Streamline setup
  • Facilitate proof of concept projects
  • Simplify implementation
  • Provide a library of examples

The tools we have available, and which are under active development, allow engineers to deliver these goals by streamlining deployments with consistent and repeatable steps.

Automation Ecosystem

We encourage, and welcome, feedback on the automation tools that we provide. To this end, they are publicly available from GitHub for anyone to use, adapt, and comment on. If you visit our GitHub repository you will find scripts, examples, and other resources.

We provide automation tools using three technologies:

Python SDK – allows full access to LoadMaster setup and features from Python code. Examples are provided to show how to call the SDK from your code. There are also examples of how to use Python to integrate LoadMaster with a Jenkins automation server.

Azure QuickStart Template – Microsoft certified template to allow the rapid and consistent deployment of LoadMaster instances on the Azure Cloud. Both multnic instances and HA paring deployments are supported.

PowerShell SDK – Our PowerShell cmdlets library has been popular with IT system admins for a while. We regularly improve and extend the LoadMaster feature set addressable via the PowerShell environment.

Leading Automation

LoadMaster load balancer leads the industry when it comes to automation and integration into DevOps workflows. The table below shows how Kemp automation tools compare to other load balancer options.

VendorPowerShell SDKPython SDKAzure QuickStart
Avi NetworksNoNo(provide a JavaScript SDK)No

Kemp provides tools in all three categories. We will continue to lead the market in this area as it is a vital component for the rapid and continuous delivery model that is increasingly in use.

Next Steps

We value feedback and comments on the automation tools we have available. Visit the GitHub site, download and try the tools. Provide comments and suggestions so we can help deliver the tools you need. Contact us for further information.

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