Automating Always-On Application Experience with Ansible

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As application development teams in the organization are taking more ownership of the business-critical applications, the NetOps team can transfer some responsibilities such as application publishing. While the system configuration and uptime of the load balancer will remain in the NetOps court, the service configuration can certainly be entrusted to the development team. These teams are already using automation scripts in the lifecycle of the application so why not include the application delivery component. Furthermore, these different teams across the organization are using the same unified toolchain so there is no need to worry about lack of skill set. Having this tight alignment allows AppDev and I&O teams to truly deliver Infrastructure as Code. To support this new normal, Kemp has developed an Ansible Module that extends our configuration management capabilities to support our customer’s application delivery environment. Many organizations have already adopted the Kemp’s per-app Application Delivery Controller (ADC) model so there is no risk for these application development teams to impact other parts of the business.

Automating Always-On Application Experience with Ansible

The purpose of this Ansible Module being focused solely on service configuration, allows the NetOps teams to maintain control of the systems and continue to deliver the SLAs to all business units in the organization. 

Kemp have developed the following modules to be used in Ansible playbooks:

  • Virtual Service
  • Sub Virtual Service (SubVS)
  • Real Server
  • Upload Certificate
  • TLS Configuration
  • Add Header Rule
  • Delete Header Rule
  • Replace Body Rule
  • Replace Header Rule
  • Match Content Rule
  • Modify URL Rule

This short getting started video will provide the necessary steps to get an Ansible environment deployed, installation of the Kemp module and the running of sample playbooks to automate load balancer configurations.

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