5 Reasons the Kemp Support team makes the difference

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In a time when load balancers offer so many (often similar) features, it can be difficult to distinguish precisely which Application Delivery Controller would best fit your business.  Another example of how Kemp stands apart from the rest is our award-nominated support team.

While Kemp LoadMaster is simple to use and its configuration is straight forward, nobody can predict when an issue will arise.  Having a dedicated support team on your side to quickly and efficiently troubleshoot network issues gets your company back on its feet faster.  This also ensures your new setups are done on time.  Here are five ways the Kemp Support Team strives to be the best in the business.

  • 1-hour initial response In the digital age where every second of uptime matters, no one can afford to wait for an initial response from a vendor.  This becomes even more critical when concerning the application infrastructure of a business.  To meet all customers’ fast-paced demands, Kemp guarantees a one-hour initial response window to all support tickets regardless of the subject matter to get you back on your feet faster.  While one hour is the maximum time frame, the average ticket response is 15 minutes.
  • No triage engineers Is your situation critical enough where waiting for an email response just won’t do?  If it comes to keeping your business running, it likely is.  Kemp Support knows how valuable your time is, which is why as soon as you call in, you will be connected with the same engineer who will be helping you solve your issue.  No lengthy exchange of information with a triage engineer, no reconnecting to various personnel just to explain your problem over and over, just quick and efficient service.
  • Immediate screen sharesAs we all know, it can be challenging to describe exactly what is happening when it comes to applications and networking as a whole.  To mitigate any possible confusion, feel free to jump on a screen share session with one of Kemp’s skilled engineers, the second you call in to reach your resolution even faster.  If you can replicate your issue, a picture (or screen share) is often worth a thousand words.
  • With you each step of the wayDecided to go with email support but still scarred from past vendors waiting a week to send you updates on your ticket?  Kemp Support has a 1-day maximum SLA on all follow up responses to keep your issue progressing.  No waiting for days on end, wondering what is going on or if your last email was even received.  Communication is key, and Kemp Support strives to take that communication to the next level with daily responses, regardless if the problem is still being worked on.
  • Feedback is pricelessWe all hate feeling like we are screaming into the void and our problems are falling on deaf ears, which is why the Kemp Support Team uses customer reviews to fuel change.  Have a suggestion for improvement, a complaint, or just want to share an appreciation for a speedy resolution?  All feedback is seen all the way from the engineer to the CEO.  Every interaction in life can be a learning experience, and Kemp Support utilizes each one of these opportunities to better themselves.

Want to experience the Kemp Support Team for yourself and see just why they maintain a 99% positive customer review rating?  Feel free to call or write in and we will be happy to help you set up your first free trial LoadMaster today!

To give you an idea of what to expect, here is some recent feedback left by customers:

“I had barely time to click on submit ticket that someone was calling me back! Fastest answer I ever got from a vendor.”

“The Kemp team doesn’t allow me to feel like an amateur, even though I am, and we always get results!!! THANK YOU!”

“Incredible support, the engineer answered the call within a minute and resolved my issue in 3 minutes. Very impressive. Thank you very much”

“Great customer experience… as always knowledgeable, subject matter expert and most importantly human with humour.. fantastic”

“Another phenomenal experience with Kemp tech support. Kemp support is always professional, courteous and most important extremely reliable and able to resolve any issues thrown at them. THANK YOU!”

“Every time I’ve called the Kemp support line, the employees are always so professional, friendly and eager to help. They have frequently gone above and beyond what I would have considered the expectation and my standards are not low. Thank you for hiring quality staff and instilling quality support in their job role.”

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Michael Immendorfer

Michael Immendorfer has worked as a Kemp Support network engineer before his current role as Product Manager. Before Kemp, he worked at Arnouse Digital Devices and Target. Michael holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer and Information Systems Security from State University of New York, Farmingdale and a Degree in Criminal Justice from State University of New York, Oneonta. He lives in Long Island, New York.