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3 Benefits KEMP 360™ Central Provides for Your Application Delivery Fabric

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KEMP 360 Central’s availability in the Microsoft Azure Cloud Marketplace, AWS and across many common hypervisor platforms enables customers to provide centralized management, control and orchestration of their application delivery fabric in from a single intuitive interface.

Today, IT departments face many challenges in managing sprawling and complex environments that must deliver on SLAs to support the business they help operate. It’s not uncommon for modern application environments to consist of applications deployed across a mix of on-premises, hosted and public cloud environments. Ensuring that applications across the estate are operating properly and that configuration updates can be made seamlessly and quickly when needed is critical. KEMP Technologies helps to support this methodology with KEMP 360 Central which allows for monitoring of key application delivery resources in these different type of environments and across multiple vendor solutions.

Simplified Processes

Complexity is the enemy of efficiency. However, modern application architecture and deployment models bring about a certain level of complexity which is unavoidable. Maintaining visibility across a heterogeneous suite of application delivery services often means multiple frameworks and tools to do so. Additionally, they can only ever give you a siloed view that doesn’t provide a cumulative synopsis across all parts of the application delivery fabric. KEMP 360 Central enables visibility of all your application delivery services from a single pane of glass that helps to provide a holistic view of your end-to-end configuration. This extends beyond services hosted on KEMP products to support F5 Big-IP, AWS ELB, NGiNX and HAProxy with other offerings in the roadmap.

Resource Optimization

Providing the right information about your application delivery environment at the right time and in context helps to free up resources from chasing preventable issues. This results in a more efficient use of valuable team resources on projects and initiatives that can help move the business forward.

Shorter time To Discovery and Resolution

By having a way to detect configuration issues and performance problems as they start to develop across an environment, application delivery experience issues can be prevented. KEMP 360 Central helps make this possible with reporting and trend graphing to do just that. When issues do occur log analysis can be leveraged to get to the root cause as quickly as possible resulting in quicker leading to quicker issue diagnosis and resolution.

To learn more, take a look at KEMP 360 Central, also now available as a certified offering in the Azure Marketplace here – https://kempte.ch/28NNAEP

At KEMP, we are passionate about helping customers meet their business goals by optimizing their application environments that provide critical services. KEMP 360 Central is a critical enabler for this. To learn more or get in touch, visit https://kemptechnologies.com/kemp360/central/.

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