At Kemp we’re obsessive about helping our customers grow by developing and supporting application delivery technology that meets requirements and exceeds expectations. We want to ensure our internal and external customer experiences are truly world class, and our products and support are of the highest quality. EVERYONE at Kemp is committed to QUALITY.

To achieve these goals we have established a Quality Policy that will drive continual improvement of the Kemp Quality Management System (QMS). The policy outlines what our customers expect, and what we’re going to do to ensure they are not disappointed.

Kemp Quality Policy Summary (what we’re doing):

Establishing the QMS - our system covers all our operations and significant locations worldwide. It’s designed to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 management system standard, and will be independently certified in the near future.

Robust product development

– from requirements to delivery, our development and delivery processes ensure our customers get the reliable product they want.

Enhancing customer support

– through monitoring we ensure that we meet and exceed industry average for support and customer satisfaction.

Quality awareness

– understanding our own QMS responsibilities ensures we work to a consistent standard, we can measure what we do and improve our process and individual performance.

Meeting requirements

– obvious and not very glamourous but failing to meet legal and other requirements could impact on customer satisfaction. We track the requirements to ensure compliance.

We want to know your feedback. It’s important to us and forms part of our review process to determine whether our QMS is effective. So please contact us with your feedback.

Kemp Quality Policy

Kemp Technologies is obsessive about helping our customers grow by developing and supporting application delivery technology that is easily deployable, in real time, anywhere, any time and on any platform. Our solutions provide 24/7 infrastructure availability, better application performance and secure operations while streamlining our customer’s IT costs.
This is achieved by:

  • Establishing a Quality Management System (QMS) which provides a framework for measuring and continually improving our performance.
  • Ensuring our products meet or exceed the expectations of our customers through robust development and delivery processes embedding quality at every stage.
  • Enhancing customer support and service by monitoring our performance and acting quickly to resolve issues.
  • Ensuring that all our stakeholders have awareness of their individual QMS responsibilities and that they have implemented and understand the quality management systems as it relates to their job.
  • Meeting customer, statutory and regulatory requirements.

At Kemp we are committed to QUALITY and EVERYONE is responsible for applying this policy in line with our Core Values:


Ray Downes
Kemp Technologies
August 2014