Many federal agencies have adopted Kemp Technologies products including the US Department of Defense (DoD), US National Security Agencies, US Federal Civilian Agencies, and US Federal Healthcare Agencies. Kemp offers these AWS Govcloud(US) clients, the features listed below:


Kemp Technologies now available in AWS GovCloud offers.

Kemp’s Virtual LoadMaster(VLM) for the cloud is a full-featured, advanced Layer 4-7 load balancing, content management engine capable of performing advanced application delivery functions such as Multi-protocol support, Clustering, SSL-Offload & re-encryption, Content Caching & Compression with advanced authentication options, among others. Available in the AWS GovCloud (US), it offers a rich set of features, resulting in an effortless transition of applications from on-premises data centers to the cloud.

Virtual LoadMaster is available in the AWS GovCloud(US) with Free and BYOL licensing options. The Free version delivers 20Mbps throughput and is used in both development and production environments, simplifying DevOps-oriented delivery methodologies. Customers may optionally upgrade this license to one with greater throughput with the purchase of a perpetual license. Kemp’s VLM for BYOL provides a wide range of throughput options ranging from 200Mbps to 10Gbps with varying ranges of SSL TPS, option to include Web Application Firewall and with an option to obtain GSLB multi-site Load Balancing.

Kemp cloud experts are available to help with integration and migration needs at all stages of a project, from inception to production.