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ISVs and service providers rejoice, from lightweight load balancer hardware to uncapped virtual load balancer throughput

Today, ISVs and service providers are continuously challenged to offer differentiated, dedicated and managed hybrid cloud offerings. To fill this customer need, we are delighted to announce the addition of multiple product and licensing changes, including a lightweight hardware appliance and uncapped virtual option that delivers un-matched flexibility and improved economies-of-scale. The new products and licensing represent a true extension of the Kemp Application Experience, or AX, Fabric.

New X1 Dedicated Hardware
With the introduction of the LoadMaster X1 appliance, Kemp offers a hardware platform optimized for embedding into ISV and OEM solution stacks where large numbers of individually isolated customer pods are required to meet workload availability and security requirements. This is very much in-line with the per-app load balancer approach that Kemp pioneered, further extending the flexibility we provide for deploying a load balancing solution.

The new X1 includes support for up to 1 Gbps of application throughput, 1,000 SSL TPS (2K keys), and includes four 1 Gigabit ethernet ports.  The lightweight hardware appliance easily connects with the Kemp 360 Central management and automation capabilities to allow for more scalable and extensible partner ecosystems to easily be built.

Robust Virtualized Load Balancing
We are also introducing a number of exciting virtual products for customers who have embraced server virtualization or cloud-native deployments and need help with simplified sizing and deployment options. The VLM-500 is a true entry level offering supporting up to 500 Mbps of application throughput, while the VLM-MAX allows customers with complex scaling needs to build and then grow as needed with the underlying hardware.

The VLM-MAX really takes the gloves off when it comes to throughput limitations, providing unlimited licensing capacity in the form of a virtual appliance that allows customers to scale their private cloud applications with ease. And in-between the VLM-500 and the VLM-MAX is the VLM-3000, which supports up to 3 Gbps of application throughput. As with each of our virtual appliances, customers who embrace hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environments, our Virtual LoadMasters can be licensed directly within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure hyperscale cloud infrastructures.

Finally, Kemp has also extended the flexibility and ease-of-deployment for cloud service providers. Thanks to our new service provider licensing that starts as low as $50 USD per month, service providers offering a managed load balancer service powered by Kemp can turn a profit more easily with minimal up-front investment.

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