AzureクラウドはAzureロードバランサーによる基本的なロードバランシングの多くの構成要素とサービスを提供しますが、KempのLoadMaster VLM for Azureには追加機能と高度な特徴があり、ウェブユーザー・インターフェイスで簡単に設定と管理ができる統合機能を持ちます。


  Azure LoadMaster
Basic and Standard Tier VM support    
Network Level L4 load balancing    
Multiple application access with single IP Limited  
Pre-configured application templates    
Web User Interface for ease of management Limited  
High Availability & Clustering Limited  
Hybrid Traffic Distribution     (with advanced traffic distribution)
Scheduling methods Round Robin Only L4/L7
Server Persistence Limited   L4/L7(Advanced options)
SSL Termination/Offload Limited  
Content Caching/Compression    
Least Connection Scheduling    
Server Name Indicator (SNI)    
VM Resource Availability Awareness    
Web Application Firewall Protection    
Two Factor Authentication    
Health Check Aggregation    
Single Sign On    
SmartCard(CAC) / X.509 Certificate Authentication    
LDAP Authentication    
Radius Authentication    
Kerberos Constrained Delegation Support    
Active Directory group based traffic steering    
Header content switching Limited  
Header manipulation    
Adaptive scheduling    
OCSP Certificate Validation    
SAML Authentication Support    
TCP Multiplexing    
Reverse Proxy Limited