Third-Party ADC Management and Control

It’s a plain fact: the more windows, applications, and interfaces that administrators need to use, the less they can look at. Having separate interfaces for different application delivery controllers (ADCs) can make management a nightmare.

Kemp 360 Central is a vendor-agnostic single source of truth that replaces this maze of “musical consoles” with a 360 degree view of every ADC across the enterprise - whether from Kemp, F5, AWS, NGINX or HAProxy. This streamlined approach increases efficiency for organizations of all shapes, sizes, and business models by reducing the number of consoles required to manage, maintain, secure, and improve operations across a diverse ADC environment.

Single pane management of Kemp and non-Kemp ADCs:

  • Provides unprecedented visibility over all Kemp and non-Kemp ADCs distributed throughout the enterprise
  • Streamlines ADC management and control throughout the organization
  • Leads to more efficient infrastructure lifecycles
  • Reduces fatigue from having to manage multiple consoles independently
  • Delivers a prioritized view across the entire ADC environment that makes administrators more efficient at identifying and addressing the most critical risks across the organization
  • Eliminates inefficiencies caused by administrators jumping from one management tool to another
  • Eliminates the need for IT to spend resources acquiring skills with a variety of tools instead of managing ADCs

No other ADC company offers centralized management and control of third-party ADCs.

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