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About KEMP Load Balancers

KEMP Technologies is the #1 price/performance network server load balancer and application delivery controller, used by thousands of businesses who consider IT, e-commerce, web and business applications as mission-critical to their long-term success. KEMP Hardware & Virtual Load Balancers help companies rapidly grow their business by providing 24/7 infrastructure availability, better web performance and secure operations – while streamlining IT costs. KEMP Server Load Balancers are affordable, yet feature rich server load balancers with integrated SSL acceleration, layer 7 content switching, caching, compression and much more.

All KEMP Load Balancers Feature:

Layer 4 and Layer 7 Load Balancing and Layer 7(or Cookie) Persistence, SSL Offload/SSL Acceleration, Application Health Checking, Adaptive (Server Resource) Load Balancing, Layer 7 Content Switching, Application Acceleration: HTTP Caching, Compression & IPS Security

KEMP Virtual Load Balancers Support More Hypervisors!

KEMP Technologies virtual load balancer solutions have all the same features as our hardware load balancers KEMP Technologies Virtual Load Balancers run on VMware, Hyper-V, Xen and Virtual Box