New book decodes technologies, practices and platforms to accelerate IT modernization using contextualized advice and actionable code snippets

NEW YORK, Feb. 20, 2020 - To overcome the sheer volume of new technologies, practices and platforms facing busy information technology (IT) leaders, Benjamin Hodge, a strategic technologist and researcher, offers a new book: Application Experience: A Practical Guide for IT & Technology Leaders in the Age of Digital Transformation, DevOps & Software Defined Everything.

The book provides practical guidance for technology leaders from any Industry or background to quickly decipher how to deliver world-class application experience [AX] that is resilient, responsive, and secure. Contextualized perspectives and actionable code snippets are provided for implementing directly into real-world IT environments. Readers will benefit from advice that helps navigate technological information that is either too high-level and abstract to be actionable, or too technical and low-level to facilitate and accelerate the decision-making process.

“Regardless of the type of organization you work for or how it is defined today, every organization must think of itself as a technology company,” said Benjamin Hodge. “Failed transformation efforts are far too common, especially when early attempts are unable to realize the expected benefits fast enough to meet executive and stakeholder expectations. In this book, my attempt is to give technology leaders insights into what the process of IT modernization and transformation looks like, what to expect, and what they need to do in order to achieve it.”

Chapters of the book are devoted to “Creating the Right Scoreboard,” “Creating Stability & Certainty from Chaos,” “Picking the Right Team and Application,” and “A Network Admin’s Approach to DevOps.” The book also links to an online forum where code snippets and scripts from the book will be shared, new code examples can be added, and practical advice can be discussed.

“Ben offers an opinionated version of DevOps and digital transformation that gives technology leaders a distillation of key principles and specific steps to take in order to get started,” said Steven Murawski, cloud advocate at Microsoft. “This book is not ‘the only book you will ever need,’ but it is a book to start your organization on the journey.”

“What makes this book a valuable resource, is that it starts with the ‘Why,’ progresses to the ‘What,’ but unlike many other books geared towards IT leaders, does not shy away from the inconvenient practicalities of “How,” said Simon Roach, principal at Roach & Stolz Software GmbH and former CTO for Kemp. “Connecting those dots is vital!”

Where to get the book

Information about Application Experience: A Practical Guide for IT & Technology Leaders in the Age of Digital Transformation, DevOps & Software Defined Everything and actionable code snippets are available via the Kemp website at The 136-page paperback book is available for purchase on for $26.99 USD and on Kindle for $6.99 USD.

About Benjamin Hodge

Benjamin Hodge serves as Principal Technical Advisor at Kemp Technologies, operating under the Office of the CTO. He is responsible for the Strategic Technology and Research (STR) group that generates product and technology research. He has been responsible for creating and scaling customer support, sales engineering and professional services organizations for high-growth security and network companies, including Sophos and Astaro AG. Benjamin focuses on technology disciplines that include cloud computing, configuration management, analytics, microservices, and artificial intelligence, as well as organizational trends such as DevOps, GitOps, Lean and Agile Development, and digital transformation.

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