Load Balancers help the internet go faster by smoothing the demand that users create for video, data and music. Everything you watch and use on the internet is marshalled by a super fast fleet of “Internet Highway Patrols” that keep traffic moving faster!

What does a Load balancer do?

Internet Load Balancers are used in a variety of applications. For example, if you use Microsoft Products, you might want to read up on some specifics in our guides:

  • Microsoft Lync Load Balancer
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Load Balancer
  • Microsoft Exchange Load Balancer

Some Load Balancers are just software based, like our new Virtual Load Balancer.

We Also Design Load Balancers for

  • VMWare Load Balancers
  • Network Load Balancers
  • Round Robin Load Balancers
  • Hosting Companies
  • Media and Video Streaming