The Resources section contains all the information you need to fully research and discover how a Kemp LoadMaster Load Balancer can help you better optimize traffic and increase application availability.

Resource Library

Contains information including Free Trials, Expert Videos & Webinars, How-To’s, Product Reviews, Case Studies and Technical Articles.

Load Balancer Sizing Tool

Use our one of a kind LoadMaster™ Sizing guide for Exchange 2010 (Beta v0.8) to help calculate which of our Loadmaster™ units best fits your Exchange environment.

Virtual Load Balancer Trial

Free No Obligation 30 Day Trial! Our Virtual LoadMaster™ Has All the Functionality of our Hardware Appliance for VMWare®, Hyper-V, XEN® and KVM.

Compare Kemp to F5 and Citrix

See a detailed comparison of Kemp, F5 and Citrix hardware and virtual load balancers. This is an extremely valuable resource to consult before making any load balancer purchase.<

Load Balancer Videos

Watch now. Expert videos on Load Balancing for Exchange, Lync, Hybrid Cloud, Security, How-To and more…