ZK Research ADC Market Survey 2019

As enterprises strategically plan or are forced to move on-prem applications to the cloud, the report finds that in the U.S. the majority of enterprises does not expect to have 50 percent or more of their applications residing in the cloud.

Key Findings

  • When drawing comparisons between the US and UK markets, it is noted that pushing applications to the cloud is greater among those in the UK, with close to 50% expecting to have half of their applications in the cloud, compared to only 29% in the US.
  • Regardless of market/segment, ‘security-related issues’ are most commonly recognized as the greatest concern when utilizing cloud-native ADC.
  • For both the US and UK markets, many lack the ability to automate configuration changes to the ADC.
  • Within the US, the greatest barrier preventing further automation on ADC operations is most commonly related to internal processes. While in the UK, lack of skill and overall complexity are identified as the most common hurdles.


Zeus Kerravala

Founder, ZK Research

Kerravala does research through a mix of end user and channel interviews, surveys of IT buyers, investor interviews as well as briefings from the IT vendor community. This gives Kerravala a 360-degree view of the technologies he covers from buyers of technology, investors, resellers and manufacturers. Prior to ZK Research, Zeus Kerravala spent 10 years as an analyst at Yankee Group and left as a Senior Vice President and Distinguished Research Fellow, the firm's most senior research analyst.

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