Kemp Technologies®, announced their selection by Lume, in a first-of-its-kind collaboration that will advance the adoption of Cloud enabled Enterprise Applications for Lume customers.

Today’s Enterprise Applications require constant management to meet service level agreements. IT departments managing applications face risk due to digital transformation, cyber security concerns and the greater volume and frequency of change required in their environments. Kemp and Lume’s partnership, reduces this complexity, further proving the cloud’s potential to digitally transform business.

Since 2005, Lume has been helping customers overcome their business and IT challenges. The company has evolved from a traditional, boots-on-the-ground MSP to a managed cloud service provider with a global footprint of edge data center locations and a comprehensive portfolio of managed infrastructure solutions.

“Our Cloud Anyware™ gives clients a choice in terms of how and where their apps get deployed to best suit their business requirements,” said Brooks Snow, CTO, Lume. “Giving our clients infrastructure and location options, and being flexible is a huge part of Lume’s DNA and Kemp plays a major role in that. We’ve recently used Kemp’s load balancers for one of our clients. Their application is used for call center management with massive amounts of data from voice recordings in multiple locations. We’re in the process of replacing all HA load balancers. The insights we get from a single pane of glass is phenomenal! We couldn’t be happier”, said Snow.

“Our managed cloud services provider community enables us to enhance the benefits of our technologies by combining them into trusted cloud solutions that customers need”, said Jason Dover, Director of Product Line Management, Kemp Technologies, “For the last several years we’ve focused on building cloud-centric licensing models, packaging and capabilities that delivers the elasticity and flexibility needed for modern enterprises that are looking to increase agility and time to market. We’re excited to be working with Lume to use this innovation in their Cloud Anyware™ solutions to help customers do just that.”

Resources on Kemp MELA and Lume's Cloud Anyware™ are available today for business leaders and technologists looking to learn more about what the Kemp Lume partnership can enable.

About Kemp Technologies

With over 40,000 deployments worldwide, Kemp Technologies is the industry leader in advanced Layer 2 – 7 Application Delivery. Recognized by Gartner as a Visionary in the Magic Quadrant for Application Delivery Controllers, Kemp is changing the way modern enterprises and service providers are building cloud-enabled application delivery infrastructure. Over the past decade, Kemp has been a consistent leader in innovation with many industry firsts, including high-performance ADC virtualization, application-centric SDN-based load balancing, innovative pricing and licensing models and platform ubiquity to support hybrid and multi-cloud requirements. Visit for more information.

About Lume

Lume is a managed cloud service provider that offers Private Cloud, Data Center, and Hybrid Infrastructure Solutions. Utilizing their global footprint of edge data center locations, they provide solutions for companies that need help getting to the cloud, or improving their existing cloud infrastructure. Built on redundant, enterprise-grade infrastructure, their solutions are tailored to meet client specific needs. Lume delivers premium solutions that provide more control, better performance, and increased reliability. Visit to learn more.

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