Do you have customers with competitor products? Get them to trade in for KEMP’s LoadMasters!

Interested? Please submit your customers’ current LoadMaster model information and we will contact you shortly.

Your customers can get up to:

20% price discount on Hardware and on Virtual LoadMasters

When purchasing the LoadMaster with a 3 year support bundle.

Rules and restrictions may apply depending on your region. Please contact your KEMP representative for details

Why Trade In

In addition to the price discount and a much more reasonably priced load balancer than competitors’ solutions, your customers will have a high performing load balancer.

Your KEMP customers will be able to:

1. Increase Performance:

  • Take advantage of our new standard platforms, offering 10G interfaces
  • Respond to ever increasing application demands
  • Get the best ROI out of current – and future – infrastructure investments
  • Be ready to “Cloudburst”
  • Leverage SDN adaptive for network-aware workload optimization

2. Advance Security:

  • Fill the TMG gap with the Edge Security Pack
  • Control user access with multi-factor authentication and Single Sign-On
  • Stay up to date against the latest “OWASP Top 10” threats**
  • Connect securely to public cloud with IPsec VPN
  • Offload SSL to improve throughput

3. Become More Efficient Operationally:

  • Scale locally and globally for agility and business continuity
  • Monitor activity with a single view of LoadMaster statistics
  • Automate deployment and administration via RESTful and Java APIs
  • Configure at scale with Powershell and Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM)
  • Cache and compress network traffic to enhance user experience


** Approximately half of the organizations surveyed have experienced at least one web application security incident.
Source: Coverity/Forrester