Dell vWorkspace provides desktop virtualization solutions for organizations of all sizes, and along with its partners offers customers a choice of virtualization technologies and services. Customers can choose to implement and manage the solution internally, or have Dell or one of its partners fully manage the solution. Kemp LoadMaster is a perfect fit for Dell customers.

The architecture of a typical Dell vWorkspace deployment consists of web access servers, security servers, connection brokers and session hosts. Kemp LoadMaster the Application Delivery Controller (ADC) in the underlying infrastructure, deployed in-line with security and web access servers residing in the perimeter or core of the network provides:

  • Application Availability by load balancing servers deployed in HA configuration, ensuring there is No single point of failure
  • Application Scalability with flexible deployment options that are right sized, & do not require customers to buy expensive & over provisioned hardware, ensuring the network only Grows on demand
  • Application Resilience with geographical traffic management ensuring there are No site failures
  • Application Performance Improvement by relieving servers of tasks such as TCP optimization, compression & SSL off-loading, therefore only rendering required applications & desktops Ensuring Server Uptime

Based upon WYSE vWorkspace software, Dell offers a complete desktop virtualization solution to both SMB customers and large enterprises. To SMB customers, it provides only the desktop virtualization solution, while to large enterprises it offers an end-to-end (storage, server, desktop and network) Dell solution. Kemp complements Dell’s solution for SMBs by providing the right featured & right priced ADC, making it an ideal partner for Dell in providing virtual desktop solutions for these customers. For large enterprises, Kemp offers the right priced & right sized ADC, thereby providing the missing piece in Dell’s end-to-end solution. Kemp is well suited to Dell VDI, since these customers, regardless of their size are cost conscious, and rather than over-provisioning it, prefer to grow the underlying network with the requirements of their VDI infrastructure. Kemp’s LoadMaster #1 price-performance leader provides high-speed load balancing, content switching, data compression, content-caching and SSL offload/acceleration to Dell vWorkspace VDI deployments at about a third of the cost of any of its competitors. It also provides secure access to applications, with additional capabilities such as ESP & WAF.

With its flexible deployment model, Kemp provides a cost effective solution to meet every size and performance requirement of the user’s network architecture. Plus, Kemp 360 Central & Vision products, further enhance the user experience by providing centralized control and monitoring.

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