Kemp provides support for a comprehensive set of APIs, which allows the LoadMaster to be integrated into any custom environment. Added to the list of supported APIs is this new JAVA based API wrapper.

Kemp LoadMaster maybe configured using the following methods

  • Web User Interface
  • RESTful API
  • PowerShell

For any medium to large deployment of LoadMasters, it is impractical to provision, manage and monitor each instance individually. Under these circumstances, customers require an API through which they can automate orchestration, management and monitoring of Load Masters. With that intent, Kemp introduced and continues to support RESTful API and Powershell. As an extension to these capabilities in 7.1-26, Kemp is introducing a new JAVA API wrapper. Orchestration frameworks that are JAVA based and use the JAVA API library are now able to provision, operate and monitor Kemp’s LoadMaster through this wrapper.