EMA Impact Brief

Kemp Introduces AX Fabric for Multi-Cloud Application Delivery

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) research has found that enterprises are increasingly deploying hybrid cloud and multi-cloud architectures to support digital initiatives and IT transformation.

  • 35% of network managers say public cloud initiatives are a major driver of their decisionmaking today, and another 35 percent say private cloud initiatives are a major driver
  • The average enterprise claims that 45 percent of its network traffic is attributable to public cloud applications
  • Kemp’s new architecture addresses these evolving application delivery requirements

Traditional load balancers and ADCs are designed for static environments where a monolithic appliance serves application services to dozens of applications. The cloud requires something more dynamic and streamlined.


Shamus McGillicuddy

Research Director, EMA

Shamus McGillicuddy is the research director for the network management practices at Enterprise Management Associates. He has been covering the networking industry for more than 12 years as an analyst and journalist.

Prior to joining EMA, Shamus was the news director for TechTarget's networking publications. He led the news team's coverage of all networking topics, from the infrastructure layer to the management layer. He has published hundreds of articles about the technology and competitive positioning of networking products and vendors. He was a founding editor of TechTarget's website SearchSDN.com, a leading resource for technical information and news on the software-defined networking industry.

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