Per Application Delivery Drives Multi-Cloud Migration

The typical IT environment has rapidly evolved towards a multi-cloud world where applications, data, and services are hosted in a variety of environments, including on premises data centers, service provider ecosystems and hyper-scale clouds such as Azure, AWS and Google.

The benefits of the Kemp AX solution include:

  • Per application deployment model which means that each environment can be scripted, automated and secured
  • Kemp 360 is unique offering ADC visibility and analytics for F5, Nginx, AWS, and HAproxy ADCs
  • Agility, with the ability to quickly deploy and scale on demand without the traditional cost implications
  • Strong visibility and management better understand traffic flows and performance as well as pinpoint the root cause of application experience issues
  • Automated deployment and customization via open API


Lee Doyle

Principal Analyst, DoyleResearch

Lee Doyle is principal analyst at Doyle Research, providing client-focused targeted analysis on the evolution of intelligent networks. He has over 25 years’ experience analyzing the IT, network, and telecom markets. Lee has written extensively on such topics as SDN, SD-WAN, NFV, enterprise adoption of networking technologies, and IT-Telecom convergence. Before founding Doyle Research, Lee was group vice president for network, telecom, and security research at IDC. Lee holds a B.A. in economics from Williams College.

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