New York, N.Y. – September 25, 2012 – Kemp Technologies today announced that its GEO LoadMaster (GLM) now offers site resiliency and global load balancing. The GLM assures seamless failover and failback to the best performing and available datacenter for optimal use of load balanced applications including Microsoft Exchange. In the event of a service disruption or site disaster, dynamic responses to DNS queries for single or multiple FQDNs are automatically delivered based on defined policies in order to minimize impact and the need for manual intervention.

The GLM can additionally enhance end-user experience by distributing user traffic to geographically dispersed datacenters through use of regional or location based load balancing algorithms. The GEO LoadMaster identifies traffic patterns across multiple datacenter locations and  distributes it accordingly.

"We know businesses need high-level performance of web-based applications as they expand across multiple geographic regions and multiple datacenters. This technology is clearly the next step to best serve customers of all sizes,” said Jonathan Braunhut, Chief Scientist at Kemp Technologies.  “For those customers that are using Microsoft Exchange, a wholesale site failure requires technical expertise to perform the failover successfully and restore service before problems occur and productivity is lost.  With our GLM’s site resiliency feature, server availability is automatically restored without requiring additional technical expertise, complementing ongoing problem-solving efforts of the IT staff."

Kemp load balancers offer a low-cost, high performance solution that provides optimal throughput for businesses of all sizes.  The GLM appliance adds another tier to the resiliency and reliability at minimum cost. Kemp’s GLM is now available and includes first-year hardware maintenance and support agreement at no extra cost.  A full production version can be obtained for evaluation at