December 3, 2014 NEW YORK, NY - Kemp Technologies announced today it is joining the Intel® Network Builders Ecosystem -- a program designed to accelerate deployment of software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) solutions. The Intel Network Builders Program brings together leading ecosystem vendors to showcase proven solutions that are ready for implementation in production environments.

"We are very pleased to be a participating member in the Intel Network Builders program. This is a very important program for Kemp because it brings together industry leaders in a cooperative effort to develop real reference architectures for both SDN and NFV -- two technologies Kemp is investing significant R&D," said Peter Melerud, Chief Marketing Officer for Kemp.

Kemp's SDN Adaptive Load Balancing Application allows its Virtual LoadMasters to "pull" circuit information related to network congestion across the NBI (northbound interface) within the SDN controller so that it can make better application load balancing decisions through intelligent algorithm aggregation. The tangible benefits include:

  • Increased application visibility
  • Improved Layer 2 traffic steering capabilities
  • Enablement for true ADC and SDN integration

Renu Navale, Manager of the Intel Network Builders Ecosystem, stated, "Kemp has made significant strides with their SDN Adaptive Load Balancing. Their continued development of this technology and complementary technologies around NFV will prove valuable to the Intel Network Builders Program."

You can learn more about Kemp's involvement with the Intel Network Builders Program here.

About Kemp Technologies

Kemp Technologies is a leading provider of load balancer software with over 22,000 deployments for enterprises and organizations that demand highly available, scalable and secure e-commerce, web and collaboration applications with the best price-to-performance advantages. Kemp empowers customers to rapidly scale their operations by delivering applications with Layer 4-7 high availability, optimized performance and secure access -- while offering users platform flexibility across hardware, software and cloud ADC solutions.

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