Delivering Hyper-scalable Cloud Native Storage with Dell EMC ECS and Kemp

Ever wondered why object storage should be considered as part of your application modernization strategy? Join this Kemp webinar, co-hosted with Dell Technologies, and learn how Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) can help optimize costs, enable digital transformation and increase efficiency.

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Interoperability validated for Dell EMC ECS next generation software-defined storage solutions

Higher ROI

Maximize value from infrastructure investment

Zero Downtime

Improve service availability and resilience

Greater Scalability

Enable cloud storage scalability for next generation applications

Load balance Dell EMC ECS with Kemp LoadMaster

Availability, scalability, and performance to support modern application object storage.

High Availability

Distributed and non-interrupted access to object storage

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Geographic Load Balancing

Availability with multi-site resilience for modern applications

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Increased Performance

Eliminate encryption overhead on ECS nodes with SSL offloading

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IPv6 Ready

Enable seamless IPv6 connectivity to ECS running in IPv4 networks

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Dell EMC ECS Resources

ECS Deployment Guide

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ECS Application Template

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ECS Demonstration

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